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What is Kurd-Liker and FAQs.

What is Kurd-Liker?

Kurd-Liker is a Facebook AutoLiker Unofficial Application which was created on 10th February 2018.
We provides you tools like Facebook Auto Liker, Auto Follower, and you can get lots of Facebook likes, Follower on your Facebook status, photos and Facebook's Posts.
Kurd-Liker is totally free & we never ask people to give money to get likes and Followers. We provide the best services of Facebook for free!

Traffic Reach:

Kurd-Liker reaches actually over 5k unique visitors per day and they all are real visitors, safe traffic/users from the Google. Our Website is increasing quickly in world wide. We have users coming from different countries.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to let everyone knows about our website and use it; mainly those who are begging their friends to like their posts.

Need a help while using Kurd-Liker?

If you're having problems in using Kurd-Liker, you can watch the video tutorial for a better understanding about 'How to use Kurd-Liker'. Just click the button below to watch the tutorial.

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