Tutorial for using Kurd-Liker.

setting up your facebook account

before Kurd-Liker 2019's tools work to your account, statuses, comments, photos, albums, notes and shares, you need to do this setup to your account and posts.

  1. go to your follower settings and set "Who Can Follow Me" to Everyone
    Who can follow me to Everyone
  2. go to your Privacy Settings and Tools and set "Who can see my stuff?" to Public
    Who can see my stuff? to Public

How to Login?

you don't need to register an account to login Kurd-Liker 2019. you'll just need to submit your facebook access token and pass our verification. the steps below will teach you on — how to get your access token.

  1. go to Kurd-Liker 2019's home page
  2. click "Get Access Token" button and then just follow the steps.

Tutorial videos

all credit goes to the rightful owners. submit your videos by emailing us at info@kurd-liker.net

Need a help while using Kurd-Liker?

If you're having problems in using Kurd-Liker, you can watch the video tutorial for a better understanding about 'How to use Kurd-Liker'. Just click the button below to watch the tutorial.

Watch tutorial

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